My First Stop Motion

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 11.32.15 AM

At OU, I luckily landed the opportunity as an intern for Lindsey + Asp, a PR and advertising agency.

Our final project was to make a campaign promoting the 150 years anniversary of Heinz 57. It wasn’t a rebranding, instead, it wanted us to expand on the company’s commitment. Obviously, my group of lovely women decided to skip out on overused cliches and quickly moved on to the idea of marriage.

What was a better commitment, a better promise, then the union of marriage? It’s promise that commitment will continue, and for our group, we wanted to make sure our audience knew that the commitment would last twice as long.

Fortunately, my group decided on a stop-motion video as our advertising video. I was overjoyed, one of my guilty pleasures is to watch countless homemade stop motion on Youtube, and I knew my portfolio would thank me later.

I agreed to take the video as my project, and we came up with the idea as “Heinz: A Secret Recipe.”

I bought buttons, googly eyes, blue yarn, a pot and wooden spoon. I was invested in this film. I stood in the ketchup aisle and tried to decide which bottle size of Heinz 57 would be most aesthetically appealing to our audience.

Then, making the stop-motion video came around.

I decided on using my iPhone to create the film, and used the free Stop-Motion app from the Apple store.

The most important part of stop-motion is finding a way to stabilize the camera being used. For me, this came in the from of a pound of duct tape, endless prayers, and the will to never quit.

I duct-taped my phone to the surface of a wall and I filmed my stop-motion video within the confines of three hours. The end product was a minute and thirty seconds long, but to me, it was well worth it.

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