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Dear COVID-19: Are you going to last forever?

As a 20-year-old, I was on top of the world, using up my last Spring Break as a college kid to hike through Moab, Utah, with my best friend, my boyfriend, and his younger brother. We had stopped in Denver for a day, had our fortunes read by an old friend who was a grad student at the local university, oohed and awed inside the … Continue reading Dear COVID-19: Are you going to last forever?

Ramen, my dearest

As a vegetarian who pushes aside all morals in the face of shrimp and salmon, I have found difficulty in eating at college. I have the incredible privilege to live in a dorm, which is the direct consequence of working as a college RA. Unfortunately, with that comes the meal plan, which I eat away with gallons of carbs coming in all forms. My favorite … Continue reading Ramen, my dearest

Finding Inspiration

In many ways, it feels like inspiration is constantly escaping out of my grasp. When I was younger, it was easier to create dead-end stories. College has a particular talent for weighing down the creative mind. I constantly worry about if I am good enough when compared to my surrounding peers. People are all overflowing with inspiration and talent, that’s something that just becomes even more … Continue reading Finding Inspiration

Bachelor Pancakes

During Thanksgiving Break, I somehow managed to con my boyfriend, Jesse, into taking me camping in the freezing weather. We headed out together to the Devil’s Den State Park in Arkansas, overpacked down with too much supplies and 6 comforters in attempt to fight off the frigid weather. I was excited to finally have my first real camping trip, especially with Jesse. Jesse is self-described as … Continue reading Bachelor Pancakes

My First Stop Motion

At OU, I luckily landed the opportunity as an intern for Lindsey + Asp, a PR and advertising agency. Our final project was to make a campaign promoting the 150 years anniversary of Heinz 57. It wasn’t a rebranding, instead, it wanted us to expand on the company’s commitment. Obviously, my group of lovely women decided to skip out on overused cliches and quickly moved … Continue reading My First Stop Motion

College Care Packages Your Student Really Wants

Most parents are nervous when they send their student off to college. Soon, after leaving their child at a university hours away from home, care packages follow almost immediately. For the most part, care packages are unfortunately weighed down with high-sugar and sodium snacks, and useless knick-knacks that will soon be trashed by your student. Fortunately, after experiencing college life for nearly three semesters, I … Continue reading College Care Packages Your Student Really Wants

A book-ish day

On Saturday morning, I woke up to a text from my hometown boss, Kelly. Kelly is a fifty-something coffee-shop owner, who wears jean skirts and a clever smile. She asked me what I was doing, and although my heavy eyelids asked for two more hours of sleep, I told her I had a free day. To my surprise, Kelly shared a link to the Oklahoma … Continue reading A book-ish day