Snow Day Necessities

As my university lays plastered with a thin blanket of snow, I’m beginning to see a trend in my clothes as I march into the freezing weather. For the most part, college students walk through sleet, snow and rain to fearlessly fight for their grades. I never thought of the cold before coming to college. During winter, I would run the quick twenty yardsfrom car … Continue reading Snow Day Necessities

A College Girl’s Winter Must-Haves

As Winter begins to come toward Oklahoma at an ever rapid-pace, I feel it would be helpful to give fellow college students tips for the chilly season. Buy leggings, buy so many leggings This could be obvious, but it’s important enough to repeat for those in the back. For girls in college, leggings are already a must-have, but, unfortunately, as the weather becomes colder, midterms, … Continue reading A College Girl’s Winter Must-Haves