How to be a good writer: Tips from a bad one

As a writer, I have learned the harsh reality that not everyone will love what I write. On a daily basis, I struggle with knowing that what I create will be continuously up for critique, constructive criticism, and relentless editing. This is the burden all writers will inevitably face one day. I like to over-use the word ‘as’, and ‘-ing’, and ‘and’. I enjoy seeing … Continue reading How to be a good writer: Tips from a bad one

Pen, Conquerer of Anxiety

Right in this very moment, I smell like a week-old plate of french fries. Which is interesting, because I’ve been on a strict no-diabetes-in-a-red-box-of-sin diet. Deeper than that, stronger than this stench sticking to me like a second-skin, I am thumbing through my journal. It’s a leather-bound notebook, designed by Patricia Nash and gifted to me by my dear friend. Through out the day, it … Continue reading Pen, Conquerer of Anxiety

Ramen, my dearest

As a vegetarian who pushes aside all morals in the face of shrimp and salmon, I have found difficulty in eating at college. I have the incredible privilege to live in a dorm, which is the direct consequence of working as a college RA. Unfortunately, with that comes the meal plan, which I eat away with gallons of carbs coming in all forms. My favorite … Continue reading Ramen, my dearest

Unique and Local Dates For College Kids

jesseeeIt’s difficult to balance both school and relationships. College has constant deadlines, never-ending assignments and countless other stressful commitments. Relationships, though, are a completely different ballpark.

For me, my free-time is nearly synonymous with self-care.

Self-care is defined as the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health.

I live a stressful life, as do most students my age. I’m thinking about money, and I’m balancing work and school and a social life, and I’m in love.

For me, when my boyfriend comes to see me, we have a few dates that are reasonably priced, fun and most importantly, a form of self-care.

Ramen Mom-and-Pop Shop!

Go to any ramen restaurant.

It can be a mom-and-pop shop on a local strip, or a ramen line, like my personal favorite, Jinya Ramen Bar. For my boyfriend and I, we like to explore new restaurants and discover new flavors together.

Ramen also works as an option for vegan or vegetarians. My boyfriend loves meat, but, as a vegetarian, it’s hard to find a good in-between for both of us. Luckily, ramen provides both good taste and a range of food for dietary needs.

Ramen restaurants also make for picture-perfect moments. Something about seeing my significant other slurp up a never-ending stream of noodles makes me pull out my phone’s camera and snap countless pictures of him, only to post them onto my Instagram account.

Ice Cream Shops!

My boyfriend and I are biiiiig ice-cream people. It’s nearly a problem with how often we find ourselves sitting underneath the fluorescent lights of Braum’s while eating sundaes or chocolate raspberry ganache ice cream.

Instead of the ice cream chain Braum’s, I like to Continue reading “Unique and Local Dates For College Kids”

Freshman Needs For College

Sending your student to the great unknown of college leads to frantic purchases and buyer’s remorse. As a first-generation college student, I wasn’t sure of what to expect my first two semesters at the University of Oklahoma. I overpacked, bought too much ramen, and found myself making useful purchases further into the semester as I began to get the hang of college life. For me, … Continue reading Freshman Needs For College

A book-ish day

On Saturday morning, I woke up to a text from my hometown boss, Kelly. Kelly is a fifty-something coffee-shop owner, who wears jean skirts and a clever smile. She asked me what I was doing, and although my heavy eyelids asked for two more hours of sleep, I told her I had a free day. To my surprise, Kelly shared a link to the Oklahoma … Continue reading A book-ish day

Writing is The Best Worst Thing That Happened to Me

I’m writing this at 10 o’clock in my sister’s room. My laptop sits nestled in the lap of my criss-crossed legs, and my phone softly murmurs music. I want to say I doubt myself. A lot. Maybe, more than I should. It’s what kept me from opening my Mac and allowing my fingers to stab at the keyboard. Like this is some instrument of percussion, … Continue reading Writing is The Best Worst Thing That Happened to Me