Smoothie, sweet, Smoothie

smo.pngAs I descend into Finals, I’m beginning to realize I’m losing a bet with myself. Or, I’m very nearly just about on the brink of losing.

I decided after October not to drink coffee, and further than that, caffeinated drinks. That means all sodas were gone, which isn’t hard considering I seldom drank pop. But, even my most beloved tea.

As a teenager in high school, and as a college student on summer break, I worked at my hometown’s coffee shop. Throughout my life, coffee and tea has proven to be a huge significance in my life.

But now, with just little over a week, I’m about to plunge back into the land of freezing frappes, iced sweet teas, and warm London fogs.

Because of school and work, my eyes droop as soon as I wake up. I’m exhausted even after ten hours of sleep. Maybe it comes from stress, or maybe I have an innate need for coffee, but I crave it.

Instead of drinking coffee, I’ve been relying on water, orange juice and smoothies to keep me alive.

As a college student, I usually don’t have much time before classes, but I always made sure I had enough room to pick up my morning coffee.

Now, I use that time to make smoothies.

Most of my smoothies are made from raw fruit, greek yogurt and almond milk. My favorite fruit, banana, can be found in almost everything smoothie I make.

Walmart sells smoothie-starter bags, which are loaded with raw, frozen fruits and vegetables. Thankfully, all the smoothies need is a blender and just a bit of water. I like morning smoothies because I feel as if I have already began the day off right as I drink down mix of spinach, avocado, mango and pineapple.

I’m not saying I’m a health nut, I’m clearly not, but for a college student looking to save time and have a reasonable diet, morning smoothies are incredible chooses.

Unfortunately, they won’t be waking me up anytime soon.


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