Freshman Needs For College


Sending your student to the great unknown of college leads to frantic purchases and buyer’s remorse. As a first-generation college student, I wasn’t sure of what to expect my first two semesters at the University of Oklahoma.

I overpacked, bought too much ramen, and found myself making useful purchases further into the semester as I began to get the hang of college life.

For me, I have an procrastination problem, couple that with organization issues, and I’m constantly hanging on by deadlines. During my freshman year, I spent most of my nights staying up until 2:00 A.M., frantically trying to keep up with my assignments.

Luckily, I’ve lived through my own struggles, and plan to help any prospective student with what I had to learn in order to adapt.

1. Whiteboard

This purchase might seem strange, but trust me when I say it comes in handy. I don’t mean fancy, twenty dollar whiteboards with calendars and room for notes. I mean a $5.00 blank square, couple that with at least two colors, and you have the ultimate weekly planner.

Every week, I write Monday through Monday and outline my week. I ignore due dates, and instead, I write assignments in by when I want to finish and turn them in.

Mapping out my week helps me study better for tests and assure I don’t miss commitments or assignments.

2. Post-It Notes

Think of the whiteboard, and then cut it down to one day.

My favorite tip is placing a deck of post-it notes on my laptop keyboard. The very first time I open up my computer, I outline my day with imminent must-dos.

I’m constantly on my computer, meaning that my to-do list is staring into my soul until I check off all of my commitments.

3. Phone Pocket 

Out of everything, a phone pocket proves to be necessary for any freshman living on campus. Your student I.D. is used for everything, from access to dormitories, to your meal plan, and for verification of your identity during tests.

Your ID needs to be with you everywhere, and after digging in your backpack or wallet for the fifth time in one day, it becomes an undeniable annoyance.

Instead, buy a phone pocket

Phone pockets are cheaper when compared to new wallets, and they are undeniable cute or trendy decorations for phones.

A college student’s phone is constantly in their pocket or grasp. Place a phone pocket on the back of the device, slip your I.D. card into its nook, and your entire identity is in the palm of your hands.


A quick What-Not-To-Buy

Microwavable Ramen

After the first two weeks of school, eating Ramen grows boring and the sodium intake doesn’t help with the freshman fifteen. Instead, purchase cheap fruit, like bananas and apples, or just-add-water microwavable soups.

Ramen tastes stale after the fifth consecutive day of eating it. Instead of weighing yourself down with sodium, swipe out for a healthy substitute.


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