A College Girl’s Winter Must-Haves

aocllegAs Winter begins to come toward Oklahoma at an ever rapid-pace, I feel it would be helpful to give fellow college students tips for the chilly season.

Buy leggings, buy so many leggings

This could be obvious, but it’s important enough to repeat for those in the back. For girls in college, leggings are already a must-have, but, unfortunately, as the weather becomes colder, midterms, tests and finals begin to pile up.

After an entire year of throughly abusing my own wardrobe, I recommend AERIE leggings.

But, wait, there’s more.

Shop solely on the ONLINE CLEARANCE, and know that the styles are true to size.

AERIE leggings constantly go from $49.99 to below $15.00 within a month of release.

Patience saves the pocket.

Stock up on winter goodies from Dollar Tree

I hate fast fashion, and that’s due to the mistreatment of foreign labor creating our clothes. For the most part, I ignore brands like Forever 21 for this exact reason, but I can’t deny the insane deals of Dollar Tree.

As a high schooler, I would stop at Dollar Tree and stock up on beanies, scarves and gloves before football games.

This is still true today.

They have fuzzy socks, fuzzy gloves, and cute scarves for only a dollar. As a college student, my bank account cannot resist this good deal.

Invest In Over-Sized Sweaters 

Instead of a name-brand hoodie or thick winter jacket, go to the local thrift store and purchase over-sized sweaters.

For example, I’m a true size medium, but I wear larges and x-larges. For a college style, this is perfect, as it easily fits over my t-shirts. For winter, it’s all about layers.

Over-sized sweaters are a quick, comfy and stylish opt instead of the usual coat.

Buy a Pair of Realistic Boots You’ll Actually Walk In

For me, tennis shoes aren’t enough to keep my toes warm in the winter.

I always go out and buy chelsea boots, but the heels usually keep me from wearing them around campus. By the time winter is over, most of my shoes have only seen the sunlight once or twice.

This year, I made it a point to invest in comfortable boots with the same trendy chelsea boot style. Instead of a heel, I opted for a wedge.

I bought my pair at Target for the affordable price of $32.





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